Home Inspection Focus Areas

For some families, the dream of homeownership can turn into a nightmare when they find out their new home is in serious disrepair. A home inspection by Ken Osborne, an experienced, licensed professional home inspector, can help save you from having to pay thousands of dollars in repairs after buying your home.


If we find something off with the home’s electrical system, an electrician can be called in to help. Maybe the electrical box is so old that it does not comply with city code. An electrician can recommend brands to replace the box and tell you how much it will cost.



Wood-destroying pests, like termites, can be found in just about any part of the country, but they’re most common in warm climates. If we find signs of pest damage, we will refer you to a specialist who will perform a pest inspection. A specialized pest inspection will disclose the presence of termites as well as powder post beetles and dry rot.


When we find something amiss with a home’s heating and cooling system, a specialist will be brought in. The furnaces in most homes can be taken apart to figure out what’s wrong with the system. An HVAC specialist will not only tell you what’s wrong but also tell you how much it will cost to fix it and whether you’re better off getting the system replaced.


A chimney inspector may be called in if the home’s chimney doesn’t have flue liners, or if the brick inside of the chimney is crumbling. We will also make sure that the smoke will discharge properly.

Sewer and Septic System

A home’s sewer and septic system must be working properly for a home sale to go through. Sewer problems can be expensive to fix, but a simple sewer camera inspection can help pinpoint the issue. A specialist will insert a digital camera into the sewer line, and push it through the main line. Many inspectors will record the footage so you can see where and what the problem is.


Some sellers will not pay for a roof certification if the roof is older. If they don’t, get one yourself. Choose a reputable company, and do not choose a company that also offers roof repair. The conflict of interest may make the inspector biased, and you may wind up making repairs you didn’t necessarily need to make.


We can tell you what type of foundation your home is built on, but a foundation engineer can tell you if the foundation is faulty or if the home is sliding. If we notice something awry with the foundation, an engineer will be called in to pinpoint the problem.


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