Providing Reliable Home Inspection Services to the Louisville Metro area for more than 30 years

Home Inspections Inc. has been providing comprehensive home inspections to the Louisville, Kentucky area, including Southern Indiana, for more than 30 years. Ken Osborne, owner and certified home inspector, provides thorough, unbiased, honest and professional inspections. His inspections empower the buyer to know exactly what condition the house is in before they buy it. Which often leads to price negotiations.

A home is probably the largest investment you will ever make. You should know exactly what to expect before you purchase the home of your dreams, in terms of repairs, replacements and maintenance. That is why hiring a certified, licensed and unbiased home inspector is so important.

A home inspector is hired to do a thorough visual and physical examination of all the components of a home. This includes the structure, foundation, heating and cooling system, roof, and everything in between.

A home inspectors' job is to represent their client and no one else. A home inspector is there to inform you on the current condition of your prospective home. They examine the entire house and deliver a report to the client containing all the information, good and bad. The report will then empower you to make the best decision on purchasing the home of your dreams and even negotiating the price.

If you're in the process of purchasing a new or existing home, don't be fooled by the cheap, low-price home inspectors around town. Hire Home Inspections Inc. We have been doing it right for more than 30 years. Choose the right home inspector and empower yourself to know all about the house of your dreams before you purchase it.

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